Team VU needs you!

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As students do since 1989, so will Team VU from 2 april until 8 april 2018 with a 35 person team – ruling the Northsea and particating in the biggest student sailing race of Europe: the Race of the Classics! We will compete with over 20 other teams, representing a wide variety of universities and colleges of the Netherlands – who crosses and returns to England most quickly, and who has the best team overall?

By finding this website you’ve probably already heard of the Race of the Classics. Maybe you’ve already read something on this website, seen the poster, or saw some cool video on social media.. or perhaps you’ve even found a former participant that encouraged you to sign up – as you don’t want to miss this event.. Right? Well, what now?

You can find out more on this page.

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Wie zoeken we?

Who am I?

Since we are Team VU we prefer students from Amsterdam and students of the Vrije Universiteit. A must? Certainly not! – Above all, we seek highly motivated and committed students that seek adventure!


What do I get?

The board of Team VU will organise everything you’ll need …well almost everything! You’ll get a week of accomodation on board, food and drinks – including beers-, parties and an awesome sailing race! Furthermore there are a lot of events leading up to the Rees itself.

What's the cost?

Team VU aims to keep participation in the Race of the Classics as low-key as possible. Therefore we aim for a complete fee: €500,- 


 Do I need any skills?

Team VU is naturally only looking for real talent. Do you have any experience as a waiter, are you a Michelin chef, carpenter or impressionist painter? Then we would like you on our team. Candidates with a talking parrot, brewery or distillery, or with experience as a dolphin-trainer have our preference..

If you happen to be English -we’d love a lecture on the Chatham raid. Would be a waste not to learn a bit from sailing history, wouldn’t it? Oh and bring scones, will you dear?



Jokes aside:  It doesn’t matter what age you are, what experience you have or country you are from!  We just try to find highly motivated and committed participants to join us. This way we can all contribute to Team VU being and remaining the biggest, best and greatest team in the Race of the Classics! We expect every teammember to contribute to succes of the team in their own way. So if you are a skilled DJ, are experienced in fundraising or know how to vlog as a pro – your skills will be highly appreciated. But no worries: every support is welcome! We have three committees in which your help is very much appreciated:

Events committee

De events committee organizes events for Team VU prior to and during the Rees. These include activities such as the teamparty before and the themeparty during the Rees.

Aquisition committee

The aquisition committee works hard to find partners for the team, primarily prior to the Rees. This means finding sponsors and raising funds – though also remaining in contact with our partners and showing what Team VU stands for!

Media Committee

The media committtee organises the media outlet of Team VU prior to and during the Race. This includes making and maintaining vlogs, the website, photography, films etc.

Sign up!

Below you can find a form to apply for participation in the Race of the Classics 2018 with Team VU. We’ve put some examples for you, so it would be great if you can follow those! You’ll get a confirmation message in your e-mail inbox, once you’ve succesfully applied!

The applications close on friday 1 december at 23.00 (AMS) – so make sure you’ve applied before that time!

Team VU for the Race of the Classics 2018 has been put together. You’re invited to get in touch via social media and follow the event! You’re more than welcome to join one of the events as a visitor!

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