Team Vrije Universiteit

XI Lustrum | Race of the Classics 2018

“It is a unique feeling, that is frankly indescribable, but which you surely understand once you’ve participated!” 
– The Rees Experience
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Welcome to Team Vrije Universiteit

From 2 april until 8 april 2018 the 30th edition of one of Europe’s biggest student sailing races will take place – the Race of the Classics. With the aim of improving contact between students from all over the Netherlands and experiencing classic seafaring, roughly 20 teams will try to cross the Northsea and reach England on traditional sailing vessels. Each team is comprised of a few dozen students that represents a university or college. During the Rees, as the Race of the Classics is nicknamed by students, teams will compete for several coveted titles: the Callenge Cup, the Sprint Cup, the Race Achievement Award and the Media Award. The Rees is surely a great and unique adventure!

Team Vrije Universiteit, or Team VU in short, is the team that represents Amsterdam: large in size, committed in effort and decidedly gezellig! Last year, Team VU was awarded the Media Award and that certainly pushes to do it again … the team has therefore applied to compete in the lustrum edition of the Race of the Classics! This means that Team VU will join once more to compete for a prize in the Rees and we’ll need all hands to do so.

Each year, the team is seeking new team members and therefore organises several social meetings in the months October and November. These are excellent occasions to get to know the organising board, other participants and find out more about the Race of the Classics. 

Do you want to join Team VU next year or want to know more? Below you’ll find four steps that get you the basic information you’ll need!

The Rees in 4 steps


Race of the Classics

From 2 april until 8 april 2018 the 30th edition of one of the biggest student sailing races on classic ships will start – The Race of the Classics!

This year, we celebrate our 6th Lustrum – so apply now for Team VU!




De Rees will only start in april 2018, though there is plenty of things to do before that. Gezellig – and useful! 

So come and join us at one of our social events!



Team VU

Team Vrije Universiteit is traditionally one of the biggest, best and friendliest participating teams of the Race of the Classics. Who do we look for? Motivated and committed team members!  Sailing experience is not needed. 

Is your Dutch a bit rusty? No problem, that’s why we have translated this site for you. 

How much?


The Rees aims to be low key – in order to give anyone a change to participate. Team VU pushes to be as inclusive as possible!

A personal contribution of €500,- is required to participate: this includes a sleeping berth aboard, food and beverages, parties, a sailing jacket and a complete week of classic sailing!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disppointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
– Mark Twain